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Gandía, X FESTIVAL ALMA DE STEEL, 26 and 27 October

For the benefit of the remodeling and rehabilitation of the paediatric room of the Hospital San Francesc de Borja (Gandía).

Place: Jardines de la Casa Cultura Marqués González de Quirós, Casa de la Marquesa (Gandía).


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The 60% reduction in the yields obtained by rents reaches the Supreme Court. 22 October 2019

The 60% reduction in income from rents reaches the Supreme Court   THE IRPF regulations establish a tax incentive applicable to housing rentals consisting of reducing the net return obtained, i.e. income minus deductible expenses, by 60%. Until 2015, the reduction was applied whether the return was positive or negative, which penalized landlords who had higher-income expenses, as negative returns were less than actually Obtained. As of the ...

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Costa Blanca Trails 2019 - Finestrat

November 16 and 17

Impressive route that ascends the three giants of the Marina Baixa, the Puig Campana with its 1404 m. that start almost from the same coast, in the Serrella we have the Mallada del Llop of 1360 m. with its spectacular Canal and subsequent ridge and to finish the Aitana 1.558m . race ceiling and maximum height of Alicante. 102 km with an incredible elevation of +6500m. And 26 hours of walking. A qualifying race is a race that allows, depending mainly on...

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Exposure "Crossing your retinas"

Until October 30

The Olive Libraries, Tamarit and the Envic, will host an exhibition of sculptures by Jesús Martín 'Chule', based on literary texts. They are works inspired by book titles by authors and authors of different nationalities.

Creativity, art, ingenuity and personality come back in 'Chule''s work. Self-taught artist, interested in plastic, works iron with forging and hammer, with which he creates pieces that have great str...

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